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     Jpmoptions - Forum News
Chat, issues, and things to do involving administrators and moderators.
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Quick Updates
Do you want to know what's going on? Stop by here from time to time to check and see what's happening...
26 6 Use the latest topic
by Lily
Forum Suggestions
Suggestions welcome.
35 2 Topics Etc.
by stevensara
Guidelines- PLEASE READ
Many rules and guidelines will be strictly enforced so please read and understand them.
8 2 Please Read
by Nathan
     How to make money from home
General Chat
For general posts and questions/comments.
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(New) Penny Stocks - This is life changing...
General, Trading Tools, Alerts
Penny stocks take a bad rap from a LOT of people online because most people don't understand how they work. Now is the time to learn...
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Our Niche Program
Your thing, your passion, your dream...your niche!This forum is design to aid the Niche Program and to help others succeed!
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Keyword research,usage,and analysis
Everything and anything related to keywords.
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How To - Social Media
Social Media -Getting it done correctly. Our niche program or any other business strives off social media, doing it correctly is the key to becoming successful. Here we will explain how to do just that.
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Successful Blogging
Share your thoughts, skills, and you successes.
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Everything Affiliate Related.
If it involves being an affiliate, we want to hear about it.
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Fiverr - Successful Tips and Tricks
There is a lot of fast money to be made on fiverr
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Hubpages - making a monthly income
This is a must do in our opinion. Crazy easy and hubs last for years.
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Fast Cash With Ebay
Some quick ways to make easy money on ebay.
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(New) Using UpWork
Upwork has had several name chances over the years but is a great way to make money and utilize their experts for your own business.
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     Jpmoptions - General chat
Welcome - Say Hello
Don't be shy, say hello. Anyone responding with negative remarks in this section will be banned.
90 4 New to this
by Nick
What is your why?
Watch the video and share your why?
17 2 Our why's
by Scott
Our Weekly Topic
Read, comment, share your knowledge and learn from others as each week we will pick a topic of conversation. Should that topic be of adult nature, a new thread will be added in the adult section.
28 2 Weekly Topic
by Nathan
Are you bored? Start A Discussion...
What do you want to know? A passion, favorite hobby, or a talent or career. Something, anything, let's talk about it!
35 4 Why is everyone so quiet?
by stevensara
Are you having a random thought?
Go ahead say it. What's on your mind?
42 6 So busy
by Keith
Did you hear some latest gossip?
Catch up on latest gossip or TV show. Gossip is gossip, chat away.
31 5 More on Mondays
by Val
     Relationship Help
(New) General
Need some relationship advice? General chat, comments, or ask a question here.
5 2 Porn addiction
by Stacy White
How to deal with jealousy
Let's try to keep this information positive and constructive. However, keep it real too! Telling someone just what they want to hear is not always the best answer.
11 1 Jealous boyfriend
by Val
Let's talk about talking :)
12 3 Some people just have attitudes
by stevensara
     Individual Health
General - Individual Health
Post anything you wish as long as it relates to the main topic. Off topic will be deleted.
13 2 Personal Health
by 1sexychick
(New) All about foods
General, Recipes, Eating Habits, Diets
Please keep content in appropriate threads.
31 6 Eating Habits
by Cliff
(New) Physical Workouts
General , Links of Interest (workouts), Upper Body, Back, Legs, Abs, The Ass
Not every workout works for everyone. As a general rule, if a workout isn't showing benefits in 60 days, find a new workout.
37 9 Leg Workouts
by Nathan
(New) Inspriational Quotes
Quotes or something said by another inspire us at time when we need it the most. Share your favorite.
13 1 My Favorite
by lullaby
Simple Ways To Motivate Yourself
Share what works for you...
11 2 Reward yourself
by Michelle
Boost Your Confidence and Self-Esteem
This is a huge problem for many. Today is the first day to a more confident you! Together, we will make a difference.
12 4 Article I wrote for WordPress
by Christy
Positivity and Control
Again, keep these topic related as much as possible. This subject has a lot to do with our mind and the way we think.
15 2 Having a positive outlook, does it make a difference?
by Val
The Power Of Our Mind
Positive thinking creates success.
35 2 The power of our thoughts - Mind , body, and soul.
by Scott
Excuses and Procrastination
It's time to bite these in the butt and get moving...
14 2 Fearfullness
by Kristy Teal
Stop Over-thinking
This topic is quite common and is a destructive trait you MUST overcome.
18 3 Great Tips by Lolly Daskal
by Ron
     Looking for adult subjects?
PLEASE READ before commenting in this section !!!
Read this before commenting in this section. There will NOT be any exceptions to these guidelines..YOU have been warned.
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General - Adult
Dirty talk or just talk about sex, fetishes, and all adult stuff. Fantasies welcome, stories, and sexual gestures are a plus! Nudity is allowed but keep it taseful and in it's appropriate thread.
- - Members Only
Initiating Sex
General, Tips For Women, Tips For Men
Have a special thing you or have some great ideas? Feel free to share...
- - Members Only
All About Positions
Trade some position stories, tell us your favorite, or just browse for one you may like.
- - Members Only
Oral sex (Men and Women)
General discussion, All About Her, All About Him
Do's or Don'ts, we want to hear your opinion.
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(New) How To Increase Stamina
General discussion about lasting longer during sex, Tips, Tricks, and Advice
Believe it or not, there are improvements that can be made to cumming too fast.
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